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  • Ramanisky26

    yikes ..

    • https://media3.giphy…spl33nidoru
    • lol, for real?ApeRobot
    • https://78.media.tum…OBBTKN
    • http://www2.hm.com/e…

      Justin Beiber top = White
      Wu Tang Clan top = Black
      .... Racists?
    • WuTang branding is fucking horrible. Always has been.Hayzilla
    • I want to know how many black people complained about this. I'm guessing precisely: Zero. White people? At least 8½.detritus
    • According to Hayoth...we are Nazi racist snowflakes. So everyone get a pair and STFU.utopian
    • nothing wrong with this. Unless you're racist lol_niko
    • lololol http://www2.hm.com/e…imbecile
    • so they took the photo down or is this fakedbloc
    • Utopian. Keep swinging that communist flag snowflake ;)Hayoth
    • jeez... it's legit (via imbecile's link)... click on 'kids / boy'... seems to be top of the list: http://www2.hm.com/e…PonyBoy
    • https://www.seattlet…PonyBoy
    • It is legit and they took the pic in question down pandering to the racists who saw racism in the pic.microkorg
    • Jungle monkey is an insanely racist term.monospaced
    • Perhaps, but all young boys are monkeys and monkeys live in the jungle. It's only racist if you want it to be.detritus
    • Rightmonospaced
    • I'm with Detritus. My daughter has so many books involving monkeys in jungles. I'd buy her this.Hayzilla
    • porch monkey is racist you sillies, not jungle. jungle bunny might be racist though, i don't know. btw, link is dead nowimbecile
    • https://www.youtube.…imbecile
    • http://ktla.com/2018…dbloc
    • I don't see it as racist... but I am shocked. Shocked that the Tool setting up the shoot didn't stop and think that someone might get butthurt over this.PonyBoy
    • Anytime something is even slightly questionable... instead of saying 'grow some balls' I've found it best to say 'let's switch it up a little' and move on.PonyBoy
    • You are racist if you think this is racist. (or you are in college and don't have kids yet).pr2
    • So the tool in the studio should have said 'hey hey wait, let's get a white kid in to wear this one?' ... In my opinion THAT is racist...set
    • what about the models parents standing on set.... 'uhhh, are you suggesting our kid looks like a monkey' .... ?set
    • I suppose this is racist to? Idiots

    • Talking to anyone who was offended by the original image, btw, seemingly not anyone here. Before the backlash brigade come in full charge..set
    • 'hey hey wait, let's get a white kid in to wear this one?' Did i say that?Did I even infer it? To be aware of current sensitivities does not make one racist btwPonyBoy
    • No you didn't say that but that's what would have happened hat this kid not worn it, no?set
    • Personally I think anyone inferring that this is racist is the racist, and if anyone is offending by it then they're a trouble makerset
    • Far more important things going on.set

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