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    Facebook Ban David Icke As Crackdown On Alt. Media Begins…

    • does anyone know if there is a specific reason?Fax_Benson
    • lolmonospaced
    • Surprised its taken so long. Sad but this day has been long coming for years.mugwart
    • probably for this one:…
    • he has clearly broken the terms of service and can appeal as he has done so. I have at least 5 fbook friends who are banned and reinstated on a regular basisfadein11
    • delusions of grandeur lol, like Icke is a threat to anythingfadein11
    • It's rather odd to join the instant ridicul brigade and throw in silly picture of lizards when no one can deny a good portion of what he's saying politically isset
    • @set. Im really not one of those but his entire lifes work is tainted by a few ideas he now desperately tries to shake off.fadein11
    • completely correct. People need to know about that. You're helping truth to be ignored by spreading ridicule. Sadset
    • He believes(ed) the elite are shapeshifting reptiles and all our reality is beamed from Saturns rings to our man made moon which is a satellite dishfadein11
    • Come on now. His political dieas are not new or original. There are far more credible people saying exactly the same shit without all the whacko stuff thrown infadein11
    • I am open minded... but as if Facebook or the elite or whatever grand conspiracy you believe in consider Icke a threat who does talks to emo students at £30 afadein11
    • pop. He needs to continue distancing himself from his more whacko ideas to give himself some credibility.fadein11
    • How is the image I shared ridicule if that's what he openly believes?fadein11
    • If the elite are not blood sucking shape shifting vampire lizards ... I want my money back!mugwart
    • its probably the only thing that makes sense anymore!mugwart
    • and @fadein ... I side with set on this. I think we are seeing the ones at the "forefront" get taken down first. Something really seems to be on the horizon andmugwart
    • they are stopping commutations/ thoughts that question their narrative.mugwart
    • Iike is not the best, nor first but he is the best for people getting into this.mugwart
    • he's not on the forefront though haha! if that was the case noam chomsky would be dead and buried. God, the internet world isn't the real world. It amplifiesfadein11
    • people above their status. He would be a threat if 90% of uninformed people didn't consider him a loon...fadein11
    • DISCLAIMER: he talks some sense but there are far more credible people saying exactly the same minus the insane shit :)fadein11
    • You're right. Like who?set
    • yes, I agree to a point. People have their doubts of noam. But his name attracts, thus sort of putting him at the forefront.mugwart
    • if there is a game at hand then it is rigged. The ones 'sanitise' by the media might be part of the hand at play. Removing Iike does start to PC conspiracymugwart
    • also to the crazy shit. I've seen my fair share of crazy shit. Till last Dec people would laugh at the idea of UFO's + government knowing.mugwart
    • in this period of insanity I feel its best be "like water" and not grip on what we think is "real"mugwart
    • Pilger, Chomsky, Palast, Johnson. They all discuss the same themes in far less whacko fashion. If you are focussing on peado elite then 100s of journalistsfadein11
    • have written on the subject. He's a populist who throws the whacko in the mix for the attention. He ruins all his good ideas with his utter insanity.fadein11
    • I think we should focus our gazes on the upper classes and not rip at each other if the world is flat or not. It's all distractions.mugwart
    • He's a good speaker though, can clearly see why people follow him. He is an English gentleman to Alex Jones brash yank. And they both share their obsessionfadein11
    • and desire to make big wads of cash from genuine tragedy. False flag off you twats!fadein11
    • he has a problem with antisemitism. Particularly some of the people he attracts who see his output as shorthand for 'it's the jews' - maybe why the banzor?Fax_Benson
    • mainstream aren't mentioning it. only other coverage is global conspiracy bias confirmation stuffFax_Benson
    • I never got him as "jew" bashing. It baffles me that people reach that conclusion.mugwart
    • @mugwart, like I said I am open minded and firmly believe/know the UAP phenomenon is real. But that doesn't mean it is aliens. Icke has gone too far too manyfadein11
    • times to appeal to me now. But if he keeps distancing himself from his post breakdown material that opinion may change.fadein11
    • Each to their own though. Back to my original point though, Facebook are not silencing Icke, all its doing is giving him more attention (great!)fadein11
    • there are far better/clandestine ways of reducing his reach within the system without publicly banning him.fadein11
    • I get this.mugwart

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