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  • PonyBoy1

    Anyone have clients (or themselves) using domains such as .design or .event in place of your standard .com?

    I’m laying out some business cards but seeing ‘’ or even ‘’ feels off. The ‘www’ def helps but I still don’t think the public is that familiar with these new domain extensions. I fear I’m going to have to label it ‘website:’ but that’s awfully convoluted compared to the rest of the info on the card.

    How are you folks handling these new extensions so as to not confuse those unfamiliar with them?

    • http:// ?detritus
    • <3detritus
    • it's ugly... but it's short... might work
    • I have one. Absolutely everyone is confused by it. But maybe in a few years...?monNom
    • when someone has to google your exact url to find you,,,

      well that's not good at all.
    • i worked on pitches for a bunch of gTLDs... absolute BS most are set up to make massive profits off trademark protection.kingsteven
    • Take a look at Donuts DPML, domainers are just fucking scamming bottom feeders.kingsteven

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