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  • sea_sea4

    Has anyone checked out "Unacknowledged" on Netflix? Steven Greer has put together a pretty damn good documentary. This dude talks about the deep black programs that are unacknowledged and how false flag operations happen. Some creepy stuff.

    Here's the interview with Joe Rogan

    • found very egotistical but it was written for people new to the topic it felt - if the case a brilliant doc. Those weirdos that have looked into this will learnmugwart
    • nothing new. but its incredible that this is out there and getting views.mugwart
    • Like this guy too.mugwart
    • yep it's half decent. Better than Sirius which was embarrassingly bad. Greer is a tricky character. Comes across way too interested in himself. His talks arefadein11
    • hard to watch. Massive ego. Unlike people like Richard Dolan who tackle the subject from a more academic approach.fadein11
    • Out of the Blue is still the best UFO doc by far.fadein11
    • I'll check that out faiden thxsea_sea
    • I'm not a fan of Greer on a personal level either. Something odd about him. Still, canny deny the wealth of testimony from such credible sources...set

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