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  • kona1

    last night i slept terribly bad.

    i tossed and turned, and went from our bed to our son's beds at least 3 times in the middle of the night after they woke up crying.

    at 3am our youngest woke while i was in his bed next to him and i vaguely remember rubbing my eye as it felt stuck shut. and, it felt really weird as i rubbed it.

    at 4am when he woke again it was swollen shut.

    at 6am when we all woke i had giant bags under both eyes, but my right eye was also swollen and puffy up top and i could barely see through it.

    now, it's mid-afternoon and i feel a great sense of pressure behind my right eye. things are a bit blurry if i close my left eye only looking out the right and it's still swollen, although not as bad.

    web md says I have mad cow disease and that I need to be milked within the next few hours and given a strict diet of hay and oats.

    anyone experience this before?

    • Sounds like just a little glaucomarobotron3k
    • I was going to suggest you to go to emergency med service, prob it 's nothing serious, but you're in US...OBBTKN
    • do you wear contacts? pink eye?dorf
    • did the milking help?Gnash
    • Sounds like some sort of infection? Could be simply due to lack of sleep + stress. Hope you're ok!studderine
    • Almost certain to be pink eye... from kid poop (wash those hands!). Hot water and a clean facecloth ... gently clean gunk every hour. Will be ok in 2 - 4 days.Centigrade
    • maybe bitten by an insect?sofas
    • Does the U.S. have the over-the-counter pink eye meds?ETM
    • well, we did have a poop fight last night like a bunch of monkeys so that makes a whole lot of sense. it's feeling a bit better and the swelling is down a bitkona
    • pics?drgs
    • could you please go to a doctor?oey
    • just rubbing your eye wrong can fuck it up (eg—an eyelash comes loose and gets stuck/pushed under the lid left for infection)... def go see a doctor, dude.PonyBoy
    • Yes, I've experienced similar. Could be a bad stye that came in and got infected when you rubbed kid germs into them. Definitely see a doc and get treated.monospaced
    • I give u 24 hours topsautoflavour
    • crying can rupture tiny blood vessels in the eyes and eyelids. cool compresses and drink water. maybe stop your sexual activities till things get better.omg
    • ^ this guy :/monospaced
    • thoughts n prayers lifted up to your eye.
    • the family probably uses the same bar of soap or body wash sponge in the household. just saying...omg
    • Slept badly * not slept badset
    • The fight to stop Americanism ruining the English language is futileset
    • Welcome to parenthood ;-)mugwart
    • All is well. After a decent nights sleep and a little nap this morning while at work my eyes are back to their normal size and 20/200 vision.kona
    • thanks all for caring and thank you set for always jumping at the chance to correct everyone's grammatical errors and misspellings!kona
    • lol forever a cunt I'm afraid.set
    • Glad you're feeling better xset
    • Serious question omg: are you retarded?monospaced
    • I want to see a reality show about kona's family on TVdrgs

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