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    It's fairly clear that official disclosure is on it's way... within the next few years at a guess. I wonder if the die hard sceptics here are going to openly eat their words?

    What will be even worse for these people is the broadcasting of their lack of ability to research for themselves and apply critical thinking. The kind of person that will only believe something if it's fed to them by the mainstream media.


    • +1
      looking forward to the next releases which sound even more interesting.
    • https://i.imgur.com/…uan
    • Presumably your 'die hard sceptics' might then have some tangibly useful evidence worthy of critical analysis?detritus
    • Or do your 'none die hard sceptics' retreat to their apparent default belief of anything coming out of the establishment?detritus
    • Damned if you do, damned if you diddle.detritus
    • Official disclosure of true nature of UFOs, or alien contact, or government experiments? I’m fascinated. How is it fairly clear? Not confrontational here btw.monospaced
    • Aargh, I meant 'apparent DISbelief of anything coming out of the establishment 'detritus
    • Skeptics aren’t pro establishment, theyre anti tin foil hat_niko
    • Skeptics should be pro-truth. It shouldn't matter if it's the establishment or the tinfoil hat brigade.Morning_star
    • ^detritus
    • oh what a surprise, set being arrogant as fuck.inteliboy
    • =]
      The truth will come out eventually
    • ^ if there is truth and if there is disclosure on the way I can only imagine it being polluted.
      Cant fucking wait, for one day I might not be the crazy one ;-)
    • @mug, nothing crazy about knowing the UAP phenomenon is real. It only takes a couple of hours of research to know we are not being told the wholefadein11
    • story (whatever that may be)...fadein11
    • ^ I agree but when/if the story gets to the people it will be distorted I feel. So its not the strange ones like us its the masses that will buy into itmugwart
    • you make it sound like our "normal" reality isn't being distorted alreadyMaaku
    • I defiantly think our "normal" reality is trust me distorted heavily!mugwart
    • So which pill, blue, red or 2cb ?Maaku
    • soon.gifutopian
    • Check out "Unacknowledged" on Netflix if you haven't already.sea_sea

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