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  • utopian1

    cause Capitalism thats why!

    • did you post this from your iphone or your windows run laptop?hotroddy
    • we wouldn't even have smartphones today if Gates didn't use his "big pile of cash" to bail out Apple.hotroddy
    • but let's see you live in venezuela where you stand in line for 8 hours to buy eggs that are worth $45 for a dozen.hotroddy
    • ^ what's crawled your arse and died?kingsteven
    • ^ I don't think it's dead just yet.garbage
    • Is it because they don't invest in much else? No rockets, teleporters, electric cars, planes, trains, AI, robots, cure for cancer?Hayzilla
    • Love the Venezuela thing. Really popular.monoboy
    • I have a lot of family and friends who have been effected. Rather than loving it you should be saddened by it.hotroddy
    • @kingsteven- lovely response I should ask you the same question.hotroddy
    • What's Venezuela got to do with this?Hayzilla
    • I'm both saddened and infuriated with people that think all left-leaning governments equate to Venezuela.monoboy
    • As if all progressive thinking leads to 8 hour queues for $45 eggs.monoboy
    • and I LOVE it when people project a European style socialist system on Americans. Demographically & historically speaking, Venezuela is a microcosm of USA.hotroddy
    • Is it fuck.monoboy

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