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    I'm about to order some firewood for the season from Elvis.
    A neighbor got a cord delivered and that shit looked GOOOOOOD!

    • Same here man!kona
    • how much is a cord in your neck go the woods?Gnash
    • $350 for ash or maple here (canadian)Gnash
    • let's try that again:
      How much does a cord of wood cost in your neck of the woods?
    • (my dyslexia is getting worse!)Gnash
    • miss open fires...mugwart
    • I usually just cut down some trees in the backyard...pango
    • My first business was doing firewood when I was18. It tough me that firewood sucks and to do something else.eryx
    • Remember the golden rule with firewood, if your taking more then two steps your doing it wrong.eryx
    • Fuck me Gnash that's expensive. It's $150 here for a cord of mixed hardwood delivered. It's extra for them to stack it.kona
    • I know, and we have all the trees up here!Gnash

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