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  • detritus0

    The ability to undo an up or downvote.

    At the moment any attempt to amend flips to the opposite vote type, not reset to novote.


    • I know this has probably been mentioned a heck ton of times..!detritus
    • I think this makes sense, the ability to withdraw the votemonospaced
    • you can't withdraw votes. once you've taken a stand you can not leave the topic. once you vote for president you can't withdraw your voteimbecile
    • I bet many wish they could... :(pango
    • I hit downvote a lot accidentally. when clumsily attempting to dog ear.dopepope
    • same dpimbecile
    • Yes, well, that's why i asked - for those times i accidentally click a vote rather than simply reconsidering after the event!detritus
    • it's hanging chads all over again :Dimbecile
    • Upvote!set
    • I mean downvo... FUCKset
    • In THAT case, you're fine, it's just if you wanted to undo your vote that you'd've fucked it :)detritus

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