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  • sureshot1

    • she's gonna kill billGnash
    • Weinstein made her a star... So she must have seen his fat hairy pipik.robotron3k
    • she is super pissed to say the leastsureshot
    • She probably embarrassed to say the least.robotron3k
    • she... is.... carefu...lly ..... choosing .... every .... word. Still afraid to come forward. Unfortunately.chukkaphob
    • I'm not a child...LOL!oey
    • She banged him along with a dozen other A-listers, including miss Silver Linings Playbook star... You can just tell.robotron3k
    • robo: I did heard he say she was angry not embarrassed, because this seems to be the situation at the mo.sureshot
    • *hersureshot
    • *you can just tell...pango
    • lol, he made Thurman a huge star "I.. need.. time..." and his other super star Jennifer Lawrence "I'm deeply disturbed" pfft.., Weinstein got deep in her too.robotron3k
    • Wow we have a mind whisper here!pango
    • wow, what kind of low-life asshole says "you can just tell" by looking at a woman? oh right, the bigoted and proud: robotron3kmonospaced
    • nice knowing you haven't raised your opinion of women since your last tirade about how inferior they are to men, and where you believe they should be in societymonospaced
    • why is she angry? i don't understand.since1979
    • I've always had "theories" about Sandra Bullock.BK

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