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    List Of Corey Feldman’s Hollywood Pedophiles Leaked Online…

    • terrible as it is, after the years of speculation I thought it would be more .. prolific. Feel terrible stating thatmugwart
    • hope the truth does come outmugwart
    • I was really expecting MJ to be on that listfooler
    • i don't know recognize any of those namesGnash
    • ^or^Gnash
    • I'd never expect MJ on to be on that list... dude was railroaded... NOT a kid toucher in the least fucking bit actually (Southpark got him right I think).PonyBoy
    • -on (sorry... rewrote the note in the middle of my thought)PonyBoy
    • +1 PonyBoydetritus
    • Do you have a link to the South Park in question? I'd be curious to see their take.detritus
    • yeah, MJ was a victim; not a perpetrator.chukkaphob
    • Yep ponyboy, totally agree on MJfadein11
    • think it was think one, det: https://en.wikipedia…)PonyBoy
    • https://en.wikipedia…)PonyBoy
    • grr... add that ')' to the end of the linkPonyBoy
    • i dont know who any of them aredrgs
    • @Gnash & @drgs what does it matter if you know (or do not know) who they are?chukkaphob
    • It doesn't matter at all. I'm just exposing my ignorance with hollywoodGnash
    • lot's of jews. just saying. but then again, it's the dominant faction in hollywod_niko
    • Yep, most of the murderers in Africa are black. Fuck off now.set
    • Corey said MJ never did anything to him and that they were good mates. MJ should have went to jail for his shitey music though.PhanLo
    • There will never ever be a bigger international star than MJ again. Music is too fragmeneted... but I digress.hotroddy
    • Is this really a bombshell? Who are these no names??qoob
    • qoob: they are pedofiles, just be glad you don't know any of them, otherwise it would be kinda weird...Miguex
    • imagine if you were able to identify pedofiles the way any other person identifies skateboarders or music artists... you don't want to be that guy...Miguex
    • Lucas was always a beautifully sad movie, now reading what happened to haim during filming, it’s just heartwrenching. Don’t think I can ever watch it again._niko
    • These motherfuckers need Isis style torture... but worse. Lighting them on fire while in a cage is too good a death._niko

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