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  • detritus0

    ah shit.

    i just noticed a pack of large skins at the back of my chaotic desk here, from my late night work session on Saturday.

    I've had three clients in staring at my monitor at different points today, I wonder if they noticed them.


    • Large pack of skins... wtf... are you a snake?pango
    • It's FOR your snake...rabattski
    • Ah, sorry - 'joint-sized rolling papers'detritus
    • Hey, at least you work safely detritus.rabattski
    • Sssssssafety firssssst!detritus
    • condoms?oey
    • joint-sized condomsMaaku
    • snake-skin rolling condoms?Fax_Benson
    • meh you were smoking at your desk, means you were there late, means your dedicated!mugwart
    • potato skins? fuck man those things never go bad. eat em! now you have me hungry for potato skins. damn you!kona
    • 'Skins' = condoms, stateside?
      f'megalol, I wish.
      I ain't no Laser Weinsten.
    • hey detritus, don't get us started on the stupid ass words used for things on the other side of the pond :)monospaced
    • 'do you have a spare skin in your ass?' is a cokney asking if you have any rizla at homeset
    • @mono: I was amused by the mental image painted rather than the word usage, hence 'laser Weinstein'detritus
    • Hahamonospaced
    • your dick is joint size?oey

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