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  • mg330

    Thought I'd give Tom Petty a try today. Nope. Not my jam at all.

    • Hahahadetritus
    • oh we got a cool guy heresince1979
    • He was the soundtrack to many road trips.monospaced
    • Give Tom Petty a try? Have you never heard his stuff before? Even old Heartbreakers shit?stoplying
    • I've been indifferent to him for as long as I've known who he was. I've heard his songs plenty but never intentionally.mg33
    • listened to some songs in spotify... i'm with you mg, not for meOBBTKN
    • don't come around here no morehotroddy
    • Nobody should take any offense... he's like a variety of musicians - I respect their career but just don't care for their music.mg33
    • Would be fun to see a documentary about him. I like stuff like that. I'm not really a Wilco fan but their doc is one of the best music docs out there.mg33
    • Are you in luck.
      4 hour doc on Netflix.
    • fuck that shit.oey
    • Ha @ drift monkey!mg33

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