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    somebody that I know is transcribing phrases that starts with OK for a company.
    I listened some of the audio files that's been given to him, normally the recording should start after your device hears that initial phrase right? No.
    All the phrases that I listened includes that Ok G.shit, that means our devices are recording everything, every minute and starts the search when it recognizes that trigger phrase.
    You also have to hear what kind of shit people ask, funny and tragic.

    • the nsa will need bigger serversGnash
    • in some of the audio people say "hey" during their talk and whatever they say after that is captured even if it's not a search intentBeeswax
    • you can check your own at https://myactivity.g… (not what the nsa has though:))uan
    • Voice recognition/assistan... are the first thing I disable. Not from paranoia, I just think they're wank.face_melter
    • You sound surprisedset
    • "No activity."imbecile
    • Lol at thinking you disabled the microphonecannonball1978

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