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    gotta shoot a wedding in a Catholic church tomorrow... any tips?

    expecting some dark ass lighting...most likely need to ask the priest if i can use a flash

    • use tracer ammunition and IR gogglesscarabin_net
    • Don't use flash in the ceremony dude. FF and 2.8 or lowerHijoDMaite
    • good thinking scar....dunno why i didnt think of thatpockets
    • LOL SCARHijoDMaite
    • ask where you're allowed to move around in. never walk behind the alter and avoid crossing from left to right in front of the alter. pretend you're not there.sea_sea
    • lol and yes, ask about the flash, you might get lucky and get a cool priest who doesn't hate you. if he's old, he's prolly already mad.sea_sea
    • Maybe visit the church before, y'know, to actually see what the light is like?face_melter
    • the lord will shine doown the light you requirechukkaphob
    • Do NOT trifle with that gent nailed to the letter tfuturefood
    • put a gopro into the desk what's in the front of the couplested
    • Take a sandwich, you'll be there a while.detritus
    • night vision scope and a few extra clips, plus locks and chains to prevent escapesmonospaced
    • Dark ass lighting at a Catholic church. Yes they'll be dark and deep, you'll need bright lights.set
    • aperture wide open and crank up the isosuan
    • Lol @scarabinBennn
    • If you're not already, shoot RAW with the above mentioned wide open settings. Then you can crank levels to their fullest later.evilpeacock

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