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  • autoflavour-1

    1UP crew.. owning the city once more..

    guys are nuts

    • insaned_gitale
    • top to bottom fills in broad daylight. BAM!omg
    • Anti-social cunts can go and get fucked.BusterBoy
    • what buster saidPonyBoy
    • Seen dudes do this in Stockholm but not with this coordination - vandal squad has been coming down hard on it.face_melter
    • not sure how to feel about this. i appreciate the coordinated effort, but the payoff is what? quick instalikes on social? it looks kinda shit in all honesty.lvl_13
    • I'll bet not one of them has a job but they sponge off some type of welfare.BusterBoy
    • they even took their trash with them at the end. made a nice 'action' movie out of it. filmed in daylight to make it pop more.uan
    • nor passengers, nor traindriver said anything, no police, no old lady yelling at them:) desperate for attention, but no1 cares. poor kids.uan
    • actually those kids there are the recruits of the 'we live from welfare because my rich daddy doesn't give me money' type of guy.uan
    • "kids" hahh :Dsted
    • cant say anything .. but i know they arent unemployedautoflavour
    • chrome whole cars in broad day light, there is only so much detail you can do.. you either love or hate it.. its happening regardlessautoflavour
    • There are still some clouds that need to be shouted at, you missed some.face_melter
    • find good guy boris.. he just did a whole month of daytime actions live on facebook.. actually was pretty hillarious most of the timeautoflavour
    • if you like that sort of thingautoflavour
    • They filter their voices but we learned that one of them is named Dennis.Beeswax
    • Sniffing too much airspray paintingBennn
    • Funny thing about this video. I live in the keiz thewy shot this thing in. The escape route, the train direction, the filming. So fake.jmckinno
    • that music is fookin' shiteemphor
    • empty train to nowhereemphor
    • and now the citizens get slapped wit the #1 bill to repaint train and #2 open a case to find these punks.formed
    • So much effort for that piece of shit.Maaku
    • This is the Kim Kardashian of art.since1979
    • Yea, fucking wankers. Fuck them.
      All that effort for nothing... do something beneficial to something or someone, man. Tax payer money to clean it off
    • Wankers.set
    • jmckinno, yeah i noticed it was going back towards warschauer also.. pendelvekehr perhaps?autoflavour
    • No respect at all for selfish assholes like this - ignorant/arrogant anti-social behaviour like this should be eradicated in their mid teens.detritus
    • Frankly, I'd love to see them having the living shit beaten out of them.detritus
    • 'and some of my best friends are street artists'. Just, they're adults, and get paid to do it with permission.detritus
    • After the brilliance of Banksy this is so lame it's not even funny.since1979
    • this was clearly legal anyway and lol @ the old man comments.fadein11
    • pieces of shit carrying spray cans and drawing horrible shit everywherefeel
    • yup qbn is getting old.inteliboy
    • awesome! as always...oey
    • LOL! @ commentsoey
    • -1 downteh

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