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    The only reason to go to NYC is this:

    There are 8 MILLION people there who can suck your cock.

    I know this, because they can all suck mine.


    There are a ton of great places to go there, from something as small as The Pickle Guys near Alphabet City to the NYPL to Columbus's all worth a look. The food can't be beaten: if you like steak, check out Staghorn or Homestead or Benjamin, and if you prefer something else you aren't short on choices. Hallo Berlin in Hell's Kitchen, Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich are must-do's. Little Italy's a block long, so pass on that. Burp Castle in East Village is a must after 2100, Midtown Comics M-F (but not Sa-Sun), grab key lime pie in Brooklyn, dinner at Green Fields in Corona (Queens), walk from Pier 11 to the Intrepid and fuck everything north of 61st and you will fit right in, regardless of skin hue.

    Take the train everywhere; cab not.

    • "fuck everything north of 61st" ?? what the fuck?nb
    • Burp Castle sounds better than it is. They tell you to shut up if you're louder than a whisper.CyBrainX
    • 7,999,999 + nbzarb0z

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