Convince me to visit NY

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    2nd ave deli is good. But if you're gonna visit New York and do the Matzo Ball soup thing, Kat's Delicatessen should be first on the list of orgazmic luncheons to get you in the mood.

    • noted!scarabin
    • That place gave me the shitz more than once!utopian
    • This place is one massive tourist trap because of that movie. Not bad but it is certainly not the only deli in town. 2nd Ave is more of a locals kinda place.monospaced
    • If you go to 2nd Ave. Deli, just remember it's on 3rd Ave. Rent in this city has some weird consequences.CyBrainX
    • Hahaha, so true. It's now on 33rd St, off 3rd :)monospaced

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