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  • Hayzilla4

    Taskmaster. Coming soon to the US.
    There are no clips that really do the show justice.

    • Not going to lie, I quite liked this, stupid and pointless as it may be.detritus
    • It's shite really but I honestly can't think of a show that has made me laugh out loud so much. I'm not much of a LOLer but this show gets me time after time.Hayzilla
    • I spammed it last year some time, much to the chagrin of my ever critical gwife...detritus
    • ^ Umm In English?Hayzilla
    • spammed - watched it all in one go
      chagrin - disquietude caused by disappointment
      gwife - non-married partner
    • fucking keep up.detritus
    • yep, this is good tv. Puts all the other generic panel shows to shame. That's not saying much I guess but mainstream tv doesn't HAVE to be shitFax_Benson
    • detritus language skills are interestingoey

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