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  • oey0

    Cool, much better.
    Many thanks!

    Need some details in the vertical alignment of nav bar cause in mobile portrait it moves a bit down in the Events page and the space between the nav and the footer is different but I can show it to the client tomorrow.

    I'm quiet happy so far. Client wanted Wordpress and I told him it was not necessary for his needs.

    And he wants it as simple as possible.


    • You should be more noisy happy.Maaku
    • how do you mean more noisy? it's a very simple thing no? still needs two sort two thihs out and wait for the feedback. you mean i should lite some fireworks?oey
    • :)oey
    • Armin is a good bass player - just wasted an hour going through youtubesausages
    • true to that sausages. he's also one of my 70 housemates.oey
    • Can't remember why I said that oey, lol.Maaku

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