terrorist attacks!

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  • sureshot2

    Police investigate ‘potential terror’ as van mows down Muslims near Finsbury Park mosque in London


    • "A man was killed and eight people were injured when a suspected terrorist drove a van into pedestrians near a mosque in north London "sureshot
    • Reverse Terrorism?d0mino
    • It was only a matter of time before the right wing fanatics turned Jihadist themselvesyuekit
    • there's no such thing as reverse terrorismlowimpakt
    • moronic thuggery playing right into the hands of the hate preachershans_glib
    • jaysus christ domino. 10 people mowed down by a van while caring to an elderly man who'd collapsed.kingsteven
    • It's called a Hate Crimejmckinno
    • What the fuck is 'reverse terrorism'? When someone runs into a crowd and starts singing and handing out flowers?face_melter
    • ^ that would make a pleasant change. Not a bad idea right now! Maybe get some sponsorship from Columbia road market!mugwart
    • not terrorism. rascism. I doubt the intention was for a bigger cause other than "retalliaton" (I use the term loosely)trooperbill
    • The intention was to make Muslims afraid of living and practicing there. Achieved terrorism.monospaced
    • Like, why is everything terrorism now, before an investigation or a threat or a demand has been made...?robthelad
    • @robthelad not everything is terrorism - this is being treated as terrorism by the the authoritiesSlashPeckham
    • The point was to make a community scared ... to instill terror in regular lives of regular people.monospaced
    • could be terrorism, could be racism, could be a hate crime. Could also be a devastated grieving father who lost a child in the concert attack and snapped._niko
    • terrorist attack... doesnt matter what colour the person is who commited it nor the colour of the people attacked...cruddlebub
    • http://www.reactiong…i_was

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