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    PCMR: i7-7700k / NZXT Kraken x62 / 16xGB G.SKILL TridentZ 3600mhz / Asus 1070 GTX STRIX / Samsung EVO 960 m.2 / 850w Thermaltake RGB PSU / thermaltake RGB sleeved cable extensions / Logitech G910 spectrum / Logitech G502 spectrum.

    • where's all the cat hair? my computer is full of cat hair...sarahfailin
    • yours?dorf
    • can this run Opera?prophetone
    • Gay. Your computer is gay.i_monk
    • ^ That's why it's so clean. / No cat hair.GM278
    • 500Gb should be enough for anybodysted
    • nice, you just need a vive and it's done :)
      i hope you have a full cover without any transparency so the rbg cables make sense :)
    • lol@i monkutopian
    • Lol @ imonk.pango
    • built a similar pc a couple of weeks ago, same CPU but went with a 1080 and 32 of ram, enjoy it!
      I have macOS and win10 pro on a diff disk each
    • OS X on PC? any issues?moldero
    • none yet, I did check before if the components I bought were compatible tonymac86 forums and other sitesernexbcn
    • @moldero http://www.qbn.com/t…plash
    • thanks guysmoldero
    • i_monk :)bklyndroobeki
    • lolomg
    • I see a disco ball in there too.bklyndroobeki
    • nice!mekk
    • Total cost?Noggin
    • The new ZX Spectrum?detritus
    • awesome. I wish I was competent enough to build a machine like this one...riskunlogic
    • You should give it a go - it's surprisingly easy to put a PC build together, especially with quality components.detritus
    • 850w? Are you gonna put two more 1070's in there?section_014
    • yeah that PSU is overkill, I'm using a 550Wernexbcn
    • I thought it was better to go with a higher rated PSU so that it spends 90% of its life running low and quiet, and then not spacking out when suddenly ramped?detritus
    • if it's a modular PSU I don't think you'll have that problemernexbcn
    • What difference does a modular PSU make? They just reduce the number of unneeded connectors, no?detritus
    • yeah it might be just that, but it does help not having extra wires clogging air flow, my psu fan only spins when the unit deems it necessaryernexbcn
    • can't believe that i_monk just assumed it's genderGnash
    • can't believe gnash just misused "it's"sarahfailin
    • Gender is a social construct, therefore projecting a masculine appearance is the choice and adoption of a masculine gender identity, ergo that computer is gay.i_monk
    • :)Gnash
    • lolbklyndroobeki

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