SF/SD Recs?

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    Have you considered the sleepier, less developed cities outside SF, such as Pacifica? If you're working from home, this is a cool area near the beach, and it's not completely ruined by SF tech pricing yet.

    • because lvl_13 is right, SF is kinda out of the question these days, and it sounds like you don't "need" city life anymoremonospaced
    • kinda true. pacifica is nice-but leaving NYC/BKLYN to go to a suburb would be a downer in my opinion.lvl_13
    • A co-worker actually suggested Pacifica. I'm really on the fence about still being in the heart of everything vs somewhere removed/quiet/slower...duckseason
    • A few of my friends moved down there from the city, where they own beautiful condos with views, and commute to companies in Palo Alto. They have good lives.monospaced
    • I've lived in SF, and I've lived in SD. Like Manhattan, SF is its own beast, with all the city features and downfalls.monospaced

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