SF/SD Recs?

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    if you are moving from NYC, you might have an easier time adjusting in SF...although, this might also get you constantly thinking back to NYC and all the cool shit it had.

    And if you are from northern CA, SF will obviously be a more temperate climate for you. I, for one, think southern california is too fucking hot! i prefer the mid 60's temps of SF. if you want something warmer than that I'd suggest you stay in the Inner Mission-it's the warmest spot in the city and easy to hop on BART and get basically anywhere in the bay within 15 minutes (oakland-closer to 30-40 minutes).

    one thing I would say, is that if you move to SF, move into the city proper. yeah, rent is insane, but it's really fucking expensive in palo alto-and you do not want to live out there. but it's not like you aren't used to expensive rent/location, so i don't need to harp on about that subject any more :)

    are you looking for anything more specific? my vote would be SF all the way. and if you can work remote, even better. so much good food/art/culture/music all over the city. plus easy to get anywhere if you live on the BART line, and you don't need a car. in fact, having a car in SF is a hinderance unless you live out in sunset or richmond.

    • This is sorta what I'm thinking in terms of the adjustment.duckseason
    • But then another part of me wants to throw caution to the wind and completely change my lifestyle... what to do...duckseason
    • yeah, tough call. i wouldn't be able to just dive into non-city life...although Seattle feels like that compared to SF. :\lvl_13

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