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    I love living right next to the park. I walk to it all the time, run around it and ride my bike through it to get around town. So you would be able to do the same type of thing here. It is a huge park too with museums and restaurants and events. You should look into bankers hill and mission hills as well. They are on the west side of Balboa park and allow you to walk to little italy and hillcrest and the San Diego Bay if you are into walking around rather than having to drive when you go out.

    • I used to work at one of the restaurants in Balboa Park :)monospaced
    • Thanks for the tips! Being able to walk to places would be great. Still kicking myself over the fact that I left my license expire a year after moving to NYC...duckseason
    • mono, did you work at The Prado? There is a cool new outdoor bar/restaurant called Panama 66 in the park too that I go to often.capn_ron
    • @duck, I did the same thing! I currently have a Learner Permit :)
      @capn, this was back in 1999, at the Sculpture Garden Café near one of the museums
    • I actually tried Panama 66 for the first time this weekend. Cool spot!nocomply
    • fast wifi there too so I can actually get work done there in the sun and listen to live music.capn_ron
    • Look at you.studderine
    • Look at Ron. Haven't seen this guy in like 2 years. Thought he got married. kids. legoland, etc.sofakingback

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