Santa Barbara

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    Grab lunch at East Beach Taco one day. Eat at La Super Rica or Los Agaves too. Take a hike up Cold Springs or Rattlesnake canyons. Watch the sunset at Butterfly Beach. Go wine tasting in the funk zone and walk up state street for some shopping and people watching. Visit the courthouse and the Mission if you're into historical Spanish architecture.

    This is my home town and I was just there for Thanksgiving. If you want more tips let me know.

    • This is very nice of you mono. Great advice.sureshot
    • For sure. It's not an action packed city. It's about enjoying the beauty and the art and the weather. It's about music and wine and good people.monospaced
    • I know a couple of other qbn users who live there too. Hopefully they chime in.monospaced
    • cold springs is a ways from sbpockets
    • @pockets, no, it's right in the heart…
    • wait, that map isn't right ... it's just off east valley road in 'cito ... just a 5 minute drive from townmonospaced
    • what's NOT in Santa Barbara is Freebirds, which is in Isla Vista, a suburb of a completely separate city altogether ;) Goleta isn't SB :)monospaced
    • still sb county.. but yea its a small drive.. but those burritos man i tell yapockets
    • from dt its more than 5minutes up the 154, but whateverpockets
    • I'm not talking about Cold Springs up the 154 in the mountains, I'm talking about the trail/creek in Montecito on East Valley Road. It's a popular SB trail.monospaced
    • Just east of Rattlesnake Canyon.monospaced

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