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    “The department of the Army will not approve an easement that will allow the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline to cross under Lake Oahe,” said Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault. “Instead, the Corps will be undertaking an environmental impact statement to look at possible alternative routes.”

    • This made my day.sea_sea
    • ^ me too, there hadn't been much to celebrate lately. Gives me/us hope...whatthefunk
    • WOOT! WOOT! BABY GROOT!since1979
    • The influx of 2000 army veterans acting as human shields was the tipping point it seems_niko
    • Great news. But let's see if it will start again if trump gets in the office.pango
    • Don't worry Trump will reverse this. He is personally invested in the pipeline.yuekit
    • gonna be a expensive breach of contractdeathboy
    • does this mean the pipeline needs to go through another path, possibly a longer detour, therefore creating even more environmental risk?chukkaphob
    • it's 90% completed. it's not like they've pulled the plug on the entire project. So could this be a worse of 2 evils? shouldn't ALL land be sacred?chukkaphob
    • Yea it's just a halt for the holidays maybe? but as of now they must re route the dapl away from the river and lake. Drilling hasn't stopped tho :/sea_sea
    • Drumpf says he will overturn the decision.utopian
    • thanks Trumpoey

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