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    I've always been very interested by tinnitus, having noticed as a child that I could never hear 'perfect silence' - the quieter it got, the more I would hear a quiet but constant high-pitched whine. Given I lived in the far off countryside, it got pretty unquiet-quiet.

    On top of that I'd get genuine tinnitus on occasion and would be interested by the fact i ciould hear a TV in a far off room whereas few else could.

    My poor Dad gets it pretty bad and has tried lots - I think he's had, like nbq above, some relief from white noise generators.

    This makes sense to me.

    As a species, we grew up near forests or oceans, sources of types of white-ish noise that we'd've evolved to grow up near, with whatever resultant impact on hearing that might have.

    Given we have insulated houses and cars and headphones only pumping in certain frequency ranges, it makes sense to me that our brains and eardrums could be over-compensating and getting shit wrong.

    As i say, the biggest thing with it it having it drive your focus towards itself.

    Every time I've had a bad bout of tinnitus I've ended up simply realising a while after that it's gone, and I've no idea how or when it happened, other than I know I'd forgotten about is somewhere along the line.

    • "As i say, the biggest thing with it IS having it drive your focus towards itself", soz.detritus
    • I passed some tests and the conclusion is that there is nothing you can really do besides white noise and hearing aids which I don't/wont plan on wearing soon..nbq
    • Yeah, I think the 'reason' for tinnitus is a good few years away from proper scientific understanding yet... unfortunately :(detritus
    • i think there are also different sorts too, with some perhaps being blood-flow related, from tense neck muscles and such. The 'in-brain' stuff's a cunt though.detritus

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