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  • DaveO1

    GOOD. Liked it. Hopkins and Harris on Fleek. Thier styling / wardrobe is awesome.

    I really think the sex tourism element is what makes this interesting, current etc. It makes it darker and really truthful to the human experience – like people would TOTALLY go in there to just bang a load of birds.

    So is it like a scenario that repeats itself each day and then new guests come in and have other experiences? So the robots react to the new people coming in? The used robot dungeon is well cool, reminds me of an AI type movie

    • I think ideally 'scenarios' last for a week or so for the duration of a guests stay. But I suppose if a guest wanted to just go round killing random people theHAYZ1LLLA
    • scenarios have to adapt.HAYZ1LLLA
    • On Fleek indeed...BK
    • What is this Fleek you speak of?CyBrainX
    • well cool... i've not heard that in a few years...cruddlebub

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