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  • bulletfactory0

    I liked it as well.

    The man in black (ed harris), I think he's just a guest. Which is why he can't be harmed by any of the hosts.

    Milk? no clue yet.

    Flies? Maybe so they could say, "She wouldn't hurt a fly. To which she would then smack the shit out of a fly. I dunno.

    I totally forgot about the 70's movie Westworld. In the first episode they mentioned the last time there was a "problem" was 30 years ago - wonder if they were referring to the events from the movie?

    But I really like the subtle editing to make the glitches and facial expressions. Read an article yesterday (which I can't find for some reason) that talked about the acting and editing and mentioned the movie which I had forgotten about, but immediately remembered the cover artwork from when I was a kid at the video store.

    • Yeah the older robot that Ford talks to at the end is awesomecannonball1978
    • Er not at the end... in the lab I meancannonball1978
    • The man in black was a robot in the movie.
      But James Marsden couldn't shoot him, so I don't know.
    • 30 years ago was obviously a reference to the movie.freedom
    • i'll point out that the 70's were 40 years ago, not 30 ;_; we're all aging incredibly rapidly.sarahfailin
    • 1973 is the year it came out.sarahfailin

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