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    MR. ROBOT.

    I know there's a thread for it, but I haven't been there because I have 6 eps left on S02 and I don't want spoilers, but holy moses is this show fun. The first season didn't really grab me till the last few episodes. Then, BAM! Season 2 is some of the most compelling storytelling on tv right now. I know I may be the last horse across the line in finding this show, but I wanted to share.

    And oh, the title cards are very pleasing.

    • SuP3Rd0p3ยก!prophetone
    • I'm caught up. I'm watching season 2 all over again because I felt like a missed some things. It's my favorite show since Breaking Bad.CyBrainX
    • loved it but as usual everyone who stands up against the system is mentally ill... minus that its an amazing show.mugwart
    • and love the titles as well. Fuck you title safe ;-)mugwart
    • We should get more leeway with title safe since HD.CyBrainX

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