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    Everyone should read Ballard. He takes the apparently mundane and pedestrian - driving, apartment living, shopping etc. and almost immediately finds the cracks. He writes science fiction, in that it is fiction about science and how we are unwittingly in the grip of technology - be it cars or buildings - and how it fucks us because we allow it. And want it.

    He points a light towards the things that are so obvious and large that they can't be seen. Things that are recognisable and utterly alien at the same time.

    • and his autobiog was the basis of Empire of the Sun. Also worth a read - called Miracles of Lifefadein11
    • Sorry book was Empire of the Sun also - but his Miracles of Life book is also excellent - about his life.fadein11
    • that's a good analysis - well putFax_Benson

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