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  • deathboy0

    dammit i keep clicking on this link thinking there is a good book to read. good click bait title gets me everytime, but when i remember its seo white paper shit i lose all caring

    • Not sure what to do about that. If the mods want to change the title, I’m fine with that.karj
    • I’m confused about the “SEO white paper” comment, though. These are just personal opinions. I share them with hopes that they’re helpful.karj
    • I don’t think there’s much SEO benefit to any of them. If there is, it’s news to me.karj
    • Just one more thought: If others want to post books (and other blog articles) here, I think they should.karj
    • Eh just venting on the title. I don't expect it to change or would even consider it. And there's a book one somewhere.deathboy
    • And just looked at it. Looks like a personal blog back linking to your social app project. Maybe it's a passion project but it looks like content creation fordeathboy
    • SEO. Nothing wrong with that. You have your opinion online and might as well use it to back your business. Me i just have mine and im sick of generic white papedeathboy
    • r that is oh so much filler without any revelations. "monster" People feel uncertain and unsure about objectives...deathboy
    • Don't take it personally. I rant about this shit to co-workers and theyre like hey its business you'd be surprised how well it works, and analytics noise..deathboy
    • There’s really no SEO to it. I write stuff I notice. I figure these observations might be useful to some.karj
    • I don’t really have much need for SEO. I only take on a small amount of design work, so I’m not trying to grow that.karj
    • I link back to Officehours, but it isn’t much of a growth strategy. Not that many people read my blog.karj

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