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  • georgesIII3

    I like Racoons
    They are the apex of their specie yet they are called trash panda,
    meanwhile its laziest peace of shit cousin that actually wants to go extinct is called panda and protected,

    fuck pandas!

    • Weed!pango
    • Meant to said werd... But yeah that too!pango
    • Yes, fuck pandas!tryother
    • Trash panda, thats fckn racist against raccoons manreanimate
    • Bite me with rabies!! Deal with it!pango
    • Racoon Michel-Jarreernexbcn
    • ^hahafuturefood
    • Fuck that, there's nothing worse than having a family of 'coons move into the neighbourhood_niko
    • Tell me about it. I already have a raccoon family as neighbour. They are fun though.…pango
    • Ha look at this guy. He thinks he's a bird.…pango
    • Kinda aggressive around here, but cute.ApeRobot
    • We often have hissing contest.pango
    • In German they are called "Waschbär" which is "Washing Bear" in English. So the image looks just fine to me.SimonFFM
    • One of those fuckers walked slowly towards me one night. I had to go back in the house. Felt humiliated.Beeswax
    • ^ lolset
    • In french is "raton laveur" wich can be roughly translated to "washing rat".
      Let's just call it Procyon lotor.
    • TanukiApeRobot
    • Racoons are cute, but man they can be persistent pains in the ass. Their determination to get into everything is uncanny. You cannot scare them, eitherformed
    • The master race of coons!georgesIII
    • Coons spook like no otter.tryother
    • Bloody angry persistent coons determined to get in to everythingset
    • Weed!jaylarson
    • Jean-Michel Jarresee_thru

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