Becoming better at selling one self

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    During college I used to work at the yellow pages as sales representativeve (something like that) they teach you every dirty trick in the (sales) book.

    I was just being myself and I didnt came across as a saleman. I was just being me. Make some jokes.The most important thing is listening! to pick up signals you can use later in your sales conversation.

    Also smile (even if its through the phone) it makes you feel and look comfortable als makes your client at ease as well.

    dont push it. And if they think you are a bit pricy ask them what they are comparing it with or who.

    I still use it in my daily life. ;)

    I hope that was useful. and my best english and a smoke. ;)

    • Also my granpa used to say: with a big mouth you got half of the world in your pocket. dunno if thats true though.sureshot
    • and ask open questions insread of closed-ended questions...otherswi... they can say NO too easy.sureshot

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