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  • pango3

    Really like this.
    Finished first season in 3 days....

    • really surprised that the ducktape was found in the final episodes :) would have been a solution to everything from the first minute. f awesome, beats daredevilsted
    • Fo shizzle?citizen_h
    • Was okaaaay. I liked DD a lot more though. First 5 eps were good then gets kinda exaggerated. She's fine too.fyoucher1
    • I actually prefer this than DD :/pango
    • I didn't care for this as much. The only saviors of this series were Luke Cage and Killgrave. For being a P.I. I thought she was rather inept and a space casekona
    • For instance; She knew killgrave was coming after her, possibly sending people and she's walking head down not paying attention to anything. Then wham...kona
    • she's jumped and all like 'whaaaaaa?!?'kona
    • I liked DD much better.kona

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