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  • moldero38

    • LOL!oey
    • lolutopian
    • it's!moldero
    • works better with "its".VectorMasked
    • lol.scarabin
    • And then yurimon would say it's because corrupte govnt and corporations conspiracy to silent the one man who tells the truth.pango
    • Why isn't this not trueORAZAL
    • #groupthink much you bunch of sickos?Hayoth
    • < yurimon'a second account!!! Confirmed!!pango
    • Hahahaha. So true. And Hayoth if you think this is sick then you need to fucking move on and shut the fuck up. Yurimon deserves it.monospaced
    • Is there a thread that lists multiple accounts of the same person?CyBrainX
    • I think that's the NSA CyBrainmonospaced
    • he must have made it during the team mono/yuri votescarabin
    • along with the other fake account that certified it http://www.qbn.com/E… fucking lol.scarabin
    • HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA Pretty much the 2 only people who uses #groupthink on qbn EVER!pango
    • Cool thanks for the link. But wrong on the account part. Digital Lynch mobs. More records broken again.yurimon
    • I copied the groupthink cause I thought it was cool. lolyurimon
    • I'm happy at least one person said something even though anonymous.yurimon
    • what is your obsession with "records" on QBN? I thought you had bigger things to attend to. derpmonospaced
    • lynch mob? haha. you're so oppressed here, yuri. such a victim. can't imagine why anyone wouldn't love being around youscarabin
    • lol, I am oppressed, under the dissection microscope and digitally lynched at the same time. I think if I Was around you can judge.yurimon
    • who needs a microscope? you make sure everyone knows you disapprove of everything we say. you butt in and shit all over everything. there's no avoiding you.scarabin
    • well i'll give yurimon credit for pretty much sort of unified qbn. lol cuz nobody likes him. except set. but he's set....pango
    • digitally lynched? are you unable to post? are you somehow limited in your ability to start threads or comment? NO? then shut the fuck upmonospaced
    • yuri's the old man at the playground shouting at the kids about how swingsets are overrated. and then claiming it's unfair when they throw rocks at himscarabin
    • lol. you guys are hilarious.yurimon
    • yeah, it's all just a joke. we're just joking with you, man. keep on fucking that chicken. keep overstaying your welcome.scarabin
    • Lol unlike you. no matter how hard you try, you're just not funny at allpango
    • i like yuri, but I like fucking with him too, its all in fun.moldero
    • i like him when he's not being pompous. i supported unbanning him. he's just out of control latelyscarabin
    • yeah some of his recent comments make him an easy & fun targetmoldero
    • So When is an opinion where you guys go nuts from is being out of control.yurimon
    • Thats some holographic projection right therezyurimon
    • If you do not have a problem with self control then do not post below this line
    • https://s-media-cach…moldero
    • LOLpango
    • Holographic.monospaced
    • If you have problem with self control. Do post above.
    • I have a subscription to issues that I need renewed.ORAZAL

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