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    One in five people have herpes. Of those people only 80% are aware they have it. You can have herpes and pass it on without having ever shown symptoms. You may have herpes right now, and if you've never been tested not know it. Not only that but the testing for herpes is famously indefinite.

    Enjoy your sex.

    • Reading this gave me herpeskona
    • I think you will find these stats are for Americans :)fadein11
    • ^ well, yeah.jtb26
    • I got herpes just from sleeping in a hotel bed.Sep
    • The Russian prostitute I was with got it too.Sep
    • age, demographic? what kinda scientists would not include this.?yurimon
    • maybe if you are including cold sores as a type of herpes. i find this highly doubtful. sauce!!sarahfailin
    • Nope, turns out it's genital herpes. 1 in 5 people. People are ignorant about STDs.iCanHazQBN
    • monogamygilgamush
    • HairpiecePeter

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