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    C'mon, do you really believe the bs that "battery life" mattered? Watch a video, phone dies, pretty simple. Flash ain't gonna kill it faster than that! He made billions from that move, that's the only logic. I tip my hat to him for balls to make a business move like that, but that's all it was. Battery life still sucks. That's a non issue. Apple's features are generally a few generations behind everyone else, call it what you will (perfectionism or complacency).

    Jobs/Apple really genius was making money, pretty objects were just a means to get there. There is no company out there that controls the user in the name of profit like Apple does. Again, tip my hat, but that's what it is (if you look past the fanboy-isms).

    Search was being fixed. That wasn't an impossible task, nor was it a prohibitive issue.

    I won't argue that there wasn't crap, but at least it wasn't monotonous like it is now. It's getting slightly better, but moving at such a snails pace.

    • If anyone gave a flying fuck about flash on phones they would have boycotted the iPhone for a model that supported it.monospaced
    • Or adobe would have tried to make it work. Neither happened because apple didn't kill it. They just ignored it with ONE phonemonospaced
    • Everyone knows video is battery-heavy but web isn't that much. People don't know what 'flash' is, they'd blame iPhone.raf
    • Search of Flash content never really got fixed. Analytic number crunching drove Flash out and left it for page embellishment use only.raf
    • Flash was really great, and no, it hasn't been surpassed yet. The problems it had could've been fixed by Adobe.raf
    • Google was already getting their search methods within Flash before the iPad.CyBrainX
    • I would have boycotted iphones for not having Flash if I didn't like just about everything else about them more than other phones.CyBrainX
    • Same as everyone else Cy, and that is the reason Flash didn't survive. Nobody gave a fuck about Flash, ESPECIALLY ADOBE.monospaced
    • Considering that EVERY smart phone competitor on the planet at the time DID run Flash just shows you how much Apple had JACK SHIT to do with its death.monospaced
    • If people wanted Flash, they would have bought phones that ran it. Those that did were severely disappointed. Adobe said "fuck this, we're out."monospaced
    • But if you want to blame the underdog with a whopping 2% of the market, go ahead. It's easy to do if you ignore the facts and like bashing Apple.monospaced

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