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    It's about 4x my mobile phone bill, monospaced, and we have it more expensive here in Europe, so I'm paying around $70 a month for two pieces of software.

    Of course it's affordable in a business context — but what I absolutely resent is being tied-into an upgrade pattern that I would never have willingly entered into were I still able to buy hard copies every 2, 3, 4, etc years.

    Again - from my perspective, I've already bought all the functionality I need from this software, many years ago, but I'm locked into a repeated forced upgrade path because of their file formats' 'planned obsolescence'.

    • which an amazingly effective business modelprophetone
    • which an is amazing can haz? i meanprophetone
    • I know, if I held their shares, I'd be quite pleased with their arm-twisting. Thankfully, I'm not an utter, utter cunt.detritus
    • ..Well, not that way, any way.detritus
    • your mobile payment is $18?monospaced
    • Actually less than that, yes - I mainly use it for texting, emails and GMaps. I use a landline quite heavily though.detritus
    • You probably have most of your work calls paid for by your employer, right?detritus
    •, although there are times like this month, where I've been in Italy, where it shoots up when I forget to turn data offdetritus
    • So I end up paying $60+ just to download fucking emails, that I wanted to ignore anyway, hahadetritus
    • I could have a free phone plan through work, but I don't want them to "own" my phone and datamonospaced
    • and own your time. They'd love to call you every time they want to know what you put on your waffles.CyBrainX

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