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    If the website you're developing is meant for corporate users, Fortune 500 types, it's safe to say they're using something newer than IE9 or even IE10, no?

    What type of company doesn't upgrade for 5 years?

    • big companies on computer buy / lease contractsalbums
    • browsers aren't free?randommail
    • IT depts oversee that stuff, not individual users, it's a result of policy, not a mass choicealbums
    • You would think that, but they can be slower due to cost / planning for updates.crillix
    • My experience is the opposite is true. The bigger the company, the more IE8 users there are.hereswhatidid
    • your assumption is the exact opposite of reality. I'm stuck supporting that shit cuz all my clients are F500.zarkonite
    • yep - complete opposite from my experience - bigger and more corporate the client - older the browsers.fadein11

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