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    FontExplorer X Pro — which was free for many years during the "dark" years of font management when Suitcase couldn't figure out how to get their software on OS X running decently (seriously, it was unusable). So with Font Explorer my employer saved thousands of dollars for a few years and actually got a better experience from a free product.

    After the economics balanced out they charged for it, but it costs what any good font manager should and each update just gets faster and better. I've paid for every update ever since knowing that I got a few years of free usage and it is a good font manager.

    And everyone knows they should be upgrading all their legacy PS1 of MM typefaces to OTF whenever possible, right? Those formats are long abandoned and the fact that modern versions of OSX or Windows still runs them at all is a very nice bonus. If not, your font problems are your own fault.

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