IP Masking?

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    seedbox is the "safest" since the torrent data is not stored on any local network. you basically use the seedbox like a webhost. it's use to dl/seed your torrent traffic. then use ftp to transfer to local network. since ftp is unmonitored and legal by all means of the data transfer; there is no issue. use the tor browser to hind any traffic you might want untraceable. (ie any magnet links or torrent searches)don't forget to pay your seedbox host bill with bitcoin and you can add a layer of protection with a VPN for all packet traffic regardless; you'll be a ghost.

    tor link: https://www.torproject.org/

    • even proxy services help with encryption bonu.antagonlsta
    • also with VPNs this is a situation where price determines speed. dont cheapo uot; you'll notice.antagonlsta

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