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    lived there for a few months a while back...

    i lived in the french concession - it's incredible. lots of shopping, restaurants, etc. julu road / changle road. incredible japanese place called "shintori" on julu.

    mesa + manifesto is a great bar/restaurant combo in the french concession - great nights spent there.

    also cotton's is an incredible (and sometimes expat-filled) bar a little outside of the center of town... if you want batshit expat insanity, go to zapata's... i've danced on that bar a lot.

    eat at little tiny restaurants - if you have a translator handy, or speak mandarin - best dumplings / noodles / everything i've ever had.

    qi pu road is crazy - hundreds of block-square warehouses with literally every available clothing item on the planet for sale.

    barbarossa is a moroccan restaurant in the middle of people's park. it's gorgeous, pricey and they have awesome bar nights.

    south bund fabric market - MUST GO. custom clothes / suits / anything. get a whole wardrobe for pennies... just make sure they don't swap out the fabric for cheapo stuff on the finished product.

    a metro pass will get you almost anywhere for super-cheap - and taxis cost almost nothing too. but - taxi drivers usually speak zero english and cannot read roman characters... so know how to say your intersection, or have your desired address written in chinese.

    new heights on the bund is a pretty incredible restaurant - top floor of the most expensive building on the bund. armani + shanghai gallery of art are on the bottom floors... sit on the roof deck and drink champagne and watch the world's largest TV on the aurora building across the huangpu in pudong.

    ...sorry for the word vomit, but it's one of my absolute favorite places on earth - itching to get back there.

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