RIP Jimmy Savile

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    I think it's an important point to make that he wasn't a pedophile - that was a word invented by pedarists in an attempt to justify their prediliction back in the 60s. He was possibly a pedarist - there isn't any evidence for that at the moment, but all the girls involved were between 12 and 16, they were all going through puberty and displayed secondary sex characteristics - pedarists are attracted to prepubescent children. He had a serious emotional disorder that meant he couldn't find girls over a certain age attractive - and all that stuff with his mother 'The Duchess' - totally red-flag there. Like all abusers he was a broken individual with zero empathy. An evil, dark, malevolent character who, according to one of the Guardian articles wore a 'mask of lubricity', which I thought was a splendid description of his grinny, sinister face. I hope they dig him up and smash his body to pieces before flushing it down the toilet.

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