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    In my eyes... best Sci-Fi book everrrr

    and boom goes the dynamite

    • Fiction???! but but..ukit2
    • hahaha agree!cruddlebub
    • nice, nicemonospaced
    • for people who don't give a shit about faith, you all spend a lot of time talking about itantagonlsta
    • < that's called compulsive atheist syndromeBeeswax
    • not sic fi. this is fantasycannonball1978
    • we talk about it becuase there are literally millions of people who take it seriously around usmonospaced
    • and it impacts our world in ways it never should have, it's completely irrational these daysmonospaced
    • what do you care what others believe and "Should" isnt a scientific mindset as for how its forced on you.antagonlsta
    • are you so fragile that having God on your currency is so offensive? and is taking the same attitude asantagonlsta
    • christens have in professing really that effective? also why not attack jews, muslims, church of jedi; mostly christens you all attack.antagonlsta
    • you all attack. united states doesn't say believe in christ or in god. even then they dont demand you to believe.antagonlsta
    • Attaaaaaaaack!non
    • fiction yes, science noCyBrainX

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