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    qTime maybe this did help cause the Argentine dictatorship to die... that would be a good thing, I have no respect for them either. But Maggie crossed the line, no matter what anyone says.

    The Belgrano was a WWII american ship on its last legs compared to the nuclear powered attack submarines, harrier jets and state of the art British ships of the 80s....

    • and Thatcher LIED, saying the Belgrado was NOT retreating, later revealed that it WAS retreating...vaxorcist
    • 'moving away' is not the same as 'retreating' now calm the fuck down you lunatic.detritus
    • Jesus, for someone so fundamantally detached from that decade you sure are shrill and hysterical.detritus
    • It actually was a threat to British ships as it has a shed ton of missiles on board. But hey dropping a nuke on a civilian population is much greater a crime.qTime
    • in Japan is much worse a crime.qTime

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