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    yes... my grandparents are from England... yes, I've got lots of relatives there, but Maggie Thatcher 's decision to order a British submarine to deliberately torpedo a retreating Argentine ship so that Argentina would have more casualties than England... this is NOT something to be proud of.. it's the sort of thing that's called a "war crime" if you lose the war and is swept under the rug if you win.....

    quotes... yes, I know war sucks, but the British are supposed to play by the rules, they're supposed to be the fair side, but sometimes they really aren't....

    " At 3pm, a pattern of Mark 8 torpedoes was launched from a nuclear submarine at the Belgrano. The ship was still 35 miles away from the Exclusion Zone. She was hit by two torpedoes and started to sink. ... This fact, combined with poor weather and ice cold waters meant that some 368 sailors were left to die. "

    • Its called war. You should complain when one of your boats gets sunk. Invading the Falklands was a war crime.qTime
    • the British loudly proclaimed a zone they would not attack in, then ignored it!vaxorcist
    • Hey Vax, you need to be aware of ALL the facts. They paint an entirely different picture.Morning_star

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