Discrace: Young & Rubicam AKA WPP Group

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  • babaganush0

    Sorrell will do ANYTHING to get results. Checkout his payrise

    Alternatively the best statement the Argentinians could make would be to boycott the games. The US did this in 1980 and the soviets in 1984 - both teams basically handed most gold medals to lesser athletes through these nations non-participation.

    Making a half-arsed stealth-ad just shows how ridiculous they look. If they grew some balls and boycotted everyone would respect them more. They can't hide behind making sure the games are non-political as they have already done the most sly form of politicising.

    The UK recently refused to commit to a firmer alignment with The Falklands but was resolute on backing the Islanders rights to self-government.

    As this has evolved from history of turmoil beyond anyones current control (even acknowledging the brutal colonial past of Britain) no one can go in and displace the people who have evolved to live in any given territory.

    • Unless they're Palestinian.i_monk
    • I almost pre-emoted that :). The last statement isn't totally solid. But I belive that situation is VASTLY uniquebabaganush
    • How mush money does one person need FFS, the fucker must have half a Billion tucked away over the years.pillhead

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