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    My father lived there after the war for a few years, and I was brought up in another British 'colony'.

    The plain fact where Britain's remaining 'dominions' are concerned is that they are as-such because of self-determination. They are as-such because they have been administered by Britain for longer than any other country, spanning back into history before countries like Argentina even existed.

    The Empire was razed by mutual accord with all parties after World War 2, Britain herself encouraging countries to move on and embrace independence.

    Argentina merely shows her immaturity and complete lack of relevance in the world if the only thing it has to keep it in the world's eye is a baseless argument it has bleated intermittently about any time her domestic situation needs ditsracting-from.

    This advert is, of course, sick - ironically, made in the bastion post of the contemporary Empire, the one that did more than any other to encourage Britain to lose the trappings of Empire.. and is it saying anything about The Falklands? No. Does it, in fact, tacitly support Britain's position? Yes.


    Also - the EU's silence on the mater is fairly disgusting. France and the Netherlands should stand with Britain and condemn Argentina's petty irritations - they do, after all, have more possessions worldwide than we do nowadays.

    • Falkland Islanders have more in common with Shetlanders than Argentians. Have done for 200 years now.detritus
    • tell that to the prussians, sry but las malvinas are not british, deal with itcoldarchon
    • ssssh now, boring troll.detritus

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